2014 RMACES Presentations
6th Annual Flexible Pavement Research Symposium
    Best Practices for Use of Undiluted Tack: Scott Shuler, CSU
    Rethinking Mix Design – The Need for Tests to Assess Cracking Potential: Randy West, NCAT
    Insuring Quality Today and the Future: Jon Epps, Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Workshop: Achieving Quality with Asphalt Pavements
The Use of Intelligent Compaction for Quality Control: Bob Horan and Dave Johnson, Asphalt Institute

Opening Session
    Dale Decker
    Keynote Story Musgrave

Track #1: Innovation & Quality in Pavement Design and Materials Control
    Session #1: Mix Optimization for Quality and Consistency
        Shane Buchanan, Oldcastle Materials
        Matt Beran, Nebraska DOT
    Session #2: Innovations in Asphalt Specifications & Use of New Technology
        Bill Schiebel, CDOT; Matt Beran, Nebraska DOT; Greg Milburn, WYDOR and Howard Anderson, UDOT
    Session #3: Quality in Asphalt Test Results
        Understanding Test Result Variability - Jon Epps, Texas A&M University
        Resolving Problems Associated with Test Result Differences - Randy West, NCAT
    Session #4: Performance of Warm Mix Asphalt
        Randy West, NCAT
        Shane Buchanan, Oldcastle Materials
    Session #5: Intelligent Compaction - A Tool for Quality Control
        Bob Horan, Asphalt Institute
        Richard Duval, FHWA
    Session #6: Mix Design & Field Management of Volumetric Properties
        Gary DeWitt, CDOT
        Dale Decker, Dale S. Decker, LLC
    Session #7: Ensuring Quality in Pavement Rehabilitation
        City of Centennial, Full Depth Reclamation - Mike Terry, City of Centennial
        Cold In Place Recycling - Stephen Steed, Coughlin Company

Track #2: Best Practices in Maintenance & Rehabilitation
   Session #1: Managing Your Pavement Investment
        Christian Dino, CU Boulder
        Ted Borstad, Borstad Consulting Services, LLC
        Dan Roberts, Deighton Associates LTD
   Session #2: Pavement Rehabilitation
        Case Studies in the Use of Thin Lift Asphalt Overlays–Jim Huddleston, Oregon Asphalt Pavement Association
        Patch, Pave, or Replace–Dale Decker, Dale S. Decker, LLC
   Session #3: Case Studies in Pavement Preservation Success
        John Wannigman, Greenwood Village
        Howard Anderson, UDOT
   Session #4: No Presentation - Outdoor Demonstration
   Session #5: No Presentation - Maintenance Roundtable
   Session #6: Asphalts Interlayers–Reducing Reflextive Cracking
        Fiber Mat - Bob Rothwell, Wyoming DOT
        Glasgrid - Scott Shuler, CSU
   Session #7: Roadway Drainage
        Jim Fife, CAPA
        Chuck Decker, CDOT Region 2
Track #3: Improving Project Leadership
    Session #1: Public/Private Partnerships: Driving Quality
        Craig Faessler and Wayne Reed, City of Centennial
    Session #2: How to Sell the Value of Asphalt Paving
        Ted Garrison, New Construction Strategies
    Session #3: What is the Cost of Quality?
        Ted Garrison, New Construction Strategies
    Session #4: Increasing Productivity for Greater Profitability
        Ted Garrison, New Construction Strategies
    Session #5: Stretching Road Improvement Budgets: Ensuring Quality while Reducing Contractors Risk & Costs
        Panel - No Presentation
    Session #6: Project Management Role in Quality
        Nicki Upright, CDOT
        Dave Martinez, Rocksol
        Bill Schrader, Coulson Excavating
    Session #7: What is Project Partnering?
        Ryan Yoch, Martin Marietta Materials
        Jim Brady, E470 Public Highway Authority
Track #4: Ensuring Quality Construction
    Session #1: The Future of Paving & Compaction Part 1
        Vijay Palanisamy, Dynapac
    Session #2: Building Quality–Inspiring Complex Projects
        Jordan Road Reconstruction
        Grant Cruseturner, Brannan Sand & Gravel
        Chris Hudson, Town of Parker
        Colorado's Response to the 2013 Flood Damage and the Road Recovery Efforts - Johnny Olson, CDOT Region 4         
        Regional Transportation Director
    Session #3: Innovations in Asphalt Paving Techniques
        Understanding the Interactive Weather Radar - Mike Nelson, Chief Meterologist, KMGH TV-7 Denver
        Innovative Techniques Used in Asphalt Paving - Tom Clayton, CAPA
    Session #4: Paving Around the World
        John Mooney, Volvo Construction Company
    Session #5: Nighttime Safety & Lighting
        CDOT Lighting Spec - Neil Lacey, CDOT R1
        Nighttime Safety/Ensuring Nighttime Quality - Clark Peterson, Skanska USA
    Session #6: The Future of Paving & Compaction Part II
        John Mooney, Volvo Costruction Company
        Tim Kowalski, Wirtgen America
    Session #7: Best Practices for Tack Coat Applications
        Dale Decker, Dale S. Decker, LLC
Track #5: Ensuring Quality and Efficiency in Plant Operations
    Session #1: Improving Plant Efficiency
        Dennis Hunt, Gencor Industries
    Session #2: Managing Baghouse Fines Returns for Voids Control
        TJ Young, T2ASCO
    Session #3: Key Metrics for Monitoring Performance of Asphalt Plants
        TJ Young, T2ASCO
    Session #4: Effectively Managing Silo Operations
        TJ Young, T2ASCO
    Session #5: Reduce Plant Operation Costs with Proper Prevention Maintenance
        Dennis Hunt, Gencor Industries
    Session #6: Energy Efficiency through Best Practices at the Plant
        Bill Garrett, Meeker Equipment Co., Inc.
    Session #7: Understanding Plant Operations Using Warm Mix Asphalt
        Foaming - Roger Sandberg, Maxam Equipment Company
        Chemical Additive - John Christensen, MWV-Evotherm
        Organic Additive/ZYDEX - Dr. Ranka, Western Infrastructure        
Maintenance Education Track
    Session #1: Maintenance 101–Fundamentals of Pothole Patching, Spray Patching & Infrared Repair
        Bruce Barbarick, Barbarick LLC
        Dan Horner, Cimline
    Session #2: Maintenance 102–Surface Seals – Rejuvenators, Parking Lot Seals, Emulsions
        John Hunter, ASI
        Jim Brownridge, Tricor Refining
        Chris Lee, Vance Brothers
    Session #3: Maintenance 103–Crack Sealing and Repair
        Dan Stephens, Vance Brothers
    Session #4: No Session - Outdoor Demonstration
    Session #5: Maintenance 105–Forensics of Maintenance Treatment
        Inter-Layer - Dan Stephens, Vance Brothers
        Mix Issues - Dave Goltz, Goltz Asphalt
        Seals - Heath Russo, Foothills Paving and Maintenance
        Paving and Maintenance - Parking Lots - Kurt Musgrave, Martin Marietta Materials
    Session #6: Maintenance 106–Surface Treatments– Micro and Slurry Surfacing
        Rick Peters, Rocky Mountain Chipseal, LLC
        Mike Horn, Foothills Paving and Maintenance
    Session #7: Maintenance 201–Advanced Chips Seal
        Scott Shuler, CSU
Materials Education Track
    Session #1: Materials 101–Introduction to Asphalt Binders & Modifiers
        Scott Shuler, CSU
        Bob McGennis, The Holly Frontier Companies
    Session #2: Materials 102–Subgrade Engineering
        Mike Skinner, The Transtec Group, Inc.
    Session #3: Materials 201–Troubleshooting Production Problems (Advanced)
        Bill Caires, Cesare, Inc. and Jarrett Welch, Quality Paving Consultants
        Gary DeWitt, CDOT
    Session #4: Materials 104–Introduction to Aggregates & Asphalt Mixes
        Scott Shuler, CSU
        John Cheever, Aggregate Industries, WCR
    Session #5: Materials 105–Ensuring Quality in Asphalt Placement by the Inspector
        Tom Clayton, CAPA
    Session #6: Materials 106–Intro to Warm Mix Asphalt
        Tom Clayton, CAPA
        Michael Stanford, CDOT
    Session #7: Materials 107–The Principle of Resolving Test Result Differences
        Cindy Rutkoski, RMAEC    
Equipment & Operator Education Track
    Session #1: Equipment & Operator 101–Paver & Compaction Equipment Maintenance
        Steve Hourscht, Caterpillar Global Paving
    Session #2: Equipment & Operator 102–Paver Operation Basic Overview
        Laikram Narsingh, Wirtgen America
    Session #3: Equipment & Operator 103–Automated Grade Controls
        John Mooney, Volvo Construction Company
    Session #4: Equipment & Operator 201–Advanced Paver Operations
        Pete Fredrickson, Dynapac USA
    Session #5: Equipment & Operator 105–Proper Pavement Milling Practices
        Tom Chastain, Wirtgen America
    Session #6: Equipment & Operator 106–Subgrade Preparation: Equipment/Compaction/Grading
        Chris DeJulio, Connell Resources, Tim Crosby, Connell Resources, Ken Blake, Son-Haul, Inc.
    Session #7: Equipment & Operator 107–Segregation–Identification and Solution for Longitudinal Segregation
    Issues, for both Temperature and Material. Set-up and Techniques to Consider
        Bill Rieken, Bomag Americas   
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